I like being easy to work with. I thrive on feedback. I am Batman.


As a visual designer I have built worlds, branded products, and served as the vision holder for a variety of interactive projects. Ultimately, it all comes down to understanding your audience. Like you, you're probably not here to read this stuff so scroll down a bit and check out some recent work instead!


lol landing page

For the first time in a few years, the League of Legends game client landing page was up for a visual rework and I was tasked with bringing it up to par.

LoL Mobile Companion

Playing with friends is just better so I teamed up with a small team of user experience designers and developers to create what could be Riot Games' first official mobile application.

Blade & Soul Announcement

Long after being released in Korea, NCsoft was readying its player base for a western release. I designed their announcement site and proposed some responsive solutions to boot.

champion guide

I decided to spike a mobile solution to a simple, but existent, challenge: keeping players up to speed on a roster that includes over 125 unique champions.


With its upcoming release on the horizon, the new Wildstar MMO site needed to be bulked up and organized to bring a dash of sexy to intergalactic warfare.


In much of my work, the biggest challenge isn't hex values and margins, it's creating a visual system that not only meets the product's current needs but is flexible enough for future growth.