Product Goals:

On the heels of a massive Guild Wars 2 launch, NCsoft wanted to announce the port of their Korean title Blade & Soul to the west. Touting the art of Hyung-tae Kim, dizzying Qing Gong movement, and strong anime character styles, the teaser site would serve as an introduction for a title that had already grown to great popularity in the east and offer players insight into the play styles, classes, and combat that they could expect.


art style

With fast, aerial combat at its core, Blade & Soul carried a grittier art style than most NCsoft titles. One design challenge was to create a cohesive presentation with a limited collection of assets that ranged from painterly concept art to in-game renders. For the final layouts a use of subtle textures, bold supporting graphics, and vivid artwork proved to do the trick.


responsive design

Though it was out of scope for our quick six week turnaround, I wanted to explore how the web experience could be built on a responsive framework during my initial design explorations. I kept most artwork fullscreen and worked with our UX lead to define a grid that could react to various displays, making a quality browsing experience for the key media content.