Product Goals:

After a few years on the market, League of Legends was able to provide us with some key data as we began exploring what could be Riot Games' first official mobile application. One point was, and still is, pretty fundamental: playing with friends is just better. The mobile companion design was born with that simple concept at the forefront.

To strengthen the app's value, we explored surfacing related news, streaming eSports matches, creating player profiles, and other opportunities to reach players individually while giving them an ecosystem to organically find each other as well.




Landing page content is sorted horizontally, with users being able to move between LoL, eSports, and featured content while deep diving vertically to read and explore.


player profiles

Player profiles display match histories, ranked teams and leagues, and include a comprehensive match history complete with item builds and end game stats.


friends list

The app features a pocket version of the League of Legends friends list, allowing players to sync conversations across multiple devices and manage their groups from anywhere.



finding your friends

Finding time to get together can be a challenge and setting specific times can falter when plans change. In the mobile companion you can follow specific friends and receive alerts when they come online, finish a game, or enter other active states so you can group up right away.  


archives and alerts

The mobile platform allows Riot Games to blast out important information directly to the players who are affected. The ability to archive chat conversations and create group chats - and continue them across experiences - creates new opportunities for social activity and connections.