Product Goals:

I've always felt that a good designer can solve your current problem with a keen understanding of human behavior and visual language but a GREAT one can solve your next problem at the same time. Creating visual systems that can grow and evolve is a challenge and while my approach isn't perfect, this type of diligence has been key in forging working relationships and shipping quality work.

Below I have included a few pages from style guides I have put together for my last few projects. None of the collections are complete but should offer some insight into how I approach creating them.



lol companion app

As the first designer at Riot to explore our new visual style, it was important to see how flexible it really could be. I defined new navigation and content best practices as well as interaction patterns that were flexible enough for content to be added as new features were introduced.



bilgewater event

With so many teams working in parallel (over 100 artists alone), we needed a target for all teams to hit. After meeting with our lore teams to understand their vision of Bilgewater, I created the style guide used by all departments to ensure we created the most cohesive, high-quality event to date.



UI Collections

Sometimes a comprehensive writeup isn't necessary (or even viable) to move from design through development. These samples show various UI collections I used for alignment as we got closer to shipping.