Product Goals:

As the Wildstar MMO came closer to launch, we needed to buff up its online home to reveal more information about the classes, races, housing...well, just about everything! Building off the UI kit delivered from Carbine Studios, I put together the layout and design for a number of the sections on In just about 6 weeks we were able to give the site a nice face lift and help build player anticipation.


art style

A great part of working on this IP was the fun art direction. Full of character and alive with color, it informed every design decision. Supporting elements were kept cool with darker values to showcase the more vibrant artwork and display fonts gave a nod towards technology while being minimal enough to support a variety of content.


user experience

Building on an existing teaser site meant working on top of an established architecture while adding functionality with minimal disruption. Much of the landing page content remained the same (focused on development updates) and I rewired the interiors to focus around the reveal of classes and roles that players had been waiting to see.